Our Lines of Business

As a successful prime contractor, much of our growth is the result of superior client references which have enabled us to expand our service to new agencies and new geographic locales. Services are available in Canada, the United States, and Latin America. Our knowledgeable and professional staff has anywhere from 10 to 15 years of experience. All of our services are offered at very competitive rates in order to meet our customers’ needs of accomplishing more, with less.

Business Process and Change Management

At Alexan International, we help clients transform their business. Whether our clients are seeking process improvements or overall business redesign and reengineering, our business analysts can assist in the creation of a transformation roadmap that will take our clients from their existing processes to new, improved and more efficient business practices and automation.

Data Backup and Recovery Services

We have partnered with the data recovery experts, EMC, to assist our clients in the creation and implementation of large scale or enterprise wide data backup protocols and data recovery procedures.

Design, Development, and Customization

We provide software and architecture designers and developers experienced in the development of architectural and software solutions that meet functional and technical requirements as well are our clients strategic needs whether these are new development solutions or customized off the shelf products. We are experienced in traditional and iterative development methodologies and are practiced at integrating with client staff and project teams.

Implementation and Integration of Rational Suite of Products

With our Advanced IBM Partner membership we provide help with the tool configuration and rollout process, identification and correction of problems with tool usage, maximization of integration and efficiency with the tools, training and mentoring the associated modeling skills necessary to fully utilize these powerful SDLC tools.

Knowledge Transfer and Training

Through hands on training, classroom based instruction and thoroughly prepared documentation, our software and business analyst professionals assist our clients in learning the support and maintenance of their newly developed or acquired tools, systems or operations. We continue the knowledge transfer process through support and on-going training, as needed, to ensure a smooth and consistent turnover of maintenance and operations.

Quality Management

At Alexan International we assist our clients in the creation and management of Quality Management process and the Quality Management Office. Our QM services include understanding the existing QM processes in place, developing a gap analysis between the existing and industry accepted standards, process, documentation and template development, as well as training and knowledge transfer.

Project Risk Management and Oversight

We provide IT risk management professionals that are experienced in oversight, business design and software engineering so that their expertise allows them to understand all sides of a project and provide independent feedback and monitoring of a projects progress.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance engineers and software test specialists apply industry accepted standards for testing software and measuring/evaluating quality. We are experienced with test design, test scripting and test procedures. We can conduct manual or automated testing based on project need. We provide functional and non-functional test support in black box and white box environment. We perform integration, system, regression, security, SOA and user acceptance testing and can augment existing test teams or become our clients Quality Assurance provider.

System Implementation and Data Conversion

Alexan International developers, testing specialists, and implementation specialists have extensive experience with data mapping, data cleansing, and data conversion activities to ensure the successful implementation of the developed solutions for our clients. Our system implementers are experienced in the implementation of web applications, web services, customized ERP applications, integration tools and interface solutions.

IV&V - Independent Verification and Validation

Alexan International uses rigorous methodologies to evaluate the quality of a software product throughout its software development lifecycle. Step by step processes ensure that requirements have been fulfilled correctly and that any errors are found early on. IV&V can prevent unnecessary costs and delays in the development process and help ensure the delivery of quality solutions.